Bingwa Schools


Solberg College is one of the schools that cant wait to join bingwa and registration of this school is underway. Do not hesitate tofollow suit. for the benefits are endless


Expect alot more from becoming a bingwa school than ever as listed below.
Afully Functional and hosted School Website
Certificate of Participation
Communication Platform within the school
Adertising the school
Promoting the school
Sharing School social events
Maps to Find Geographical Locations and to aid study
Some Free Bingwa Products
FREE bingwa Magazines
School Membership in the bingwa Club
Unlimited Free E-books through the Bingwa Portal
Free Downloadable Comic Books through the Portal
Arrange Good Speakers for the schools
Free Integrity Books for children , written by Julie and Rino Solberg
Promotion Of partner schools on the school Portal
Promotion of schools in the Bingwa Magazine

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July 14

Preparing for Y2K38

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Bingwa Monster

are you abingwa champion

For you to be regarded as abingwa Champion, you should poses some all the qualities and atrributes on abingwa champion as stated in the pictorial view above.