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By Rino SolbergIntergity Illustration

Integrity is being able to separate right from wrong and being willing to act, speak and behave according to this finding whenever you have to make a choice. It is also to have the courage to live by your conviction.In schools, you have many ways of showing integrity. First, it is important that you are trustworthy and honest in school. Avoid lying to your friends or your teachers and live up to your promises. This means that if you say that you are going to do your homework, you will do it and not look for excuses not to do it. When you say you are going to improve in any subject, you will do whatever is needed in order to make it, because you have promised it, and because you have integrity, you will live up to your promise.

When you are trustworthy, you will get many more friends also, because friends like to be with someone they can trust, that is what friendship is all about. Dishonest people have few friends because nobody wants to be with them. As an example, if you told someone a secret and she went and told that secret to many more people, how would you feel? I am sure you will not tell her any more secrets, since she could not be trusted to keep the secret between you. Therefore, if you want to have many friends, you must be trustworthy and honest.



To have integrity also means you are strong enough to have your own opinions and to tell the truth. Even as a child, you have your own rights and people cannot treat you the way they want or abuse you. If you see something wrong happen at home, school or anywhere else, you will speak up and say that you do not accept it. A person with integrity will always have great self-confidence (believe in yourself and your ability). He or she is not afraid to speak up. The more you speak up, the greater your self-confidence will become. Self-confidence and integrity always come together. You need self-confidence in order to have integrity and if you want integrity, you have to build your self-confidence first. So, how do you build your self-confidence?

You can start building your self-confidence today by simply doing something you are proud of every day. That can be helping a friend, doing your homework well, learning something new or anything else that makes you feel good about yourself. That is the best and quickest way to build your self-confidence every day. When you FIRST build your self-confidence, your self-confidence thereafter will build you too. You will dare to speak up about everything more often, since you are not afraid of the consequences because you know you are strong enough to make it anyway. People with great self-confidence are not easy to scare. They are the ones who become leaders in every field of life, whatever they take on; sports, politics, businesses or any other areas. Moreover, the greater your self-confidence, the greater the challenges you can take on in life.

Do you want to become a leader in your life? If you do, start building your self-confidence TODAY and believing you can do it.

It is important that people know what you stand for, but it is equally important that they know what you won't stand for. Therefore, learn to speak up for yourself.

First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 12 2014