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By Mbabazi Deogratious

One Tuesday an inspector of schools visited a primary school in my village.  He found a teacher caning pupils because they had failed his tasks.  As the teacher caned the pupils, he would shout, “improve! Improve!”

The Inspector at once said, “Stop it! What have the children done? “

“They have failed to improve!” he responded.  The angry children shouted to the inspector, “Sir, our teacher enters our class ten minutes past time to begin his lesson so he also needs to improve.”

The inspector pulled-out a yellow card from his pocket and gave it to the teacher. It read:

I – Interest learners by making the lesson stimulating and enjoyable.

M- Motivate pupils by positive help and praise.

P- Plan a variety of methods and activities that involve pupils in their own learning.

R – Reinforce learning by building on existing knowledge and understanding and linking it into new knowledge.

O –Offer opportunities for success.

V – Verify how much pupils learned by monitoring progress.

E – Evaluate your performance through observation and reflection.

With a surprised look, the teacher told the inspector to improve on his visits to the school to issue more yellow cards to other teachers.

The writer is Deputy Headteacher at Child Africa Junior School in Kabale, Uganda.