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Success Stories

Julie WalkingQ & A with Child Africa Founder & Managing Director Julie Solberg

So, Julie, what‘s your story? Briefly tell us about yourself…

My story is a long one and I have difficulties knowing where to start but let me try and just jump-start. My name is Julie N. Solberg, a positive young lady (hahahaha), Founder and Managing Director of Child Africa, Norwegian by nationality with roots in Kabale. By the time I was eighteen, I knew what I wanted and was very focused on my goals. My advanced education in Leadership, Personal Development & Sales were done in the United States of America. In my working career, I have had the opportunity of working in different countries. By the time I was twenty-five, I managed a factory in Norway at top management level, got enormous experience working with my husband whom I would call a genius and true motivator.

Why did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?

I have been interested in helping children since I was ten years old. When I was ten years old, my mum (may her soul rest in peace) told me that I informed her that I would build a big house and fill it with orphans and poor children, no matter what colour or religion and that I would look after them all.

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Success Stories

Part of learningAs we celebrate Child Africa’s twenty-five year existence, I would like to talk about the deaf department at Child Africa. While Child Africa Junior School started in September 2007, a deaf class section was introduced in 2008. It started with eleven children. Handling the deaf children is a challenge especially those who have never gone to school. This is because, most of them are already using the basic local signs but when they come into the school system, they have to learn the standard sign language in Uganda’s education curriculum. Nonetheless, it has been a great experience.

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Success Stories

At the new schoolIt all started in 1991 in Uganda. A Norwegian couple Rino and Julie Solberg (with roots in Kabale) visited Kabale. For to the visiting couple, one problem stood out and demanded their full attention. It was true that the people were poor and that many of their children did not go to school. HIV and AIDS related issues were a heavy burden on young and old families alike. The number of orphans, child-headed families, grandparents with sets of children left in their care, single parents and ailing parents were visibly growing by unnatural proportions.

Deeply moved by the sadness of these tales, Rino and Julie Solberg were prompted to act (initially as an individual family) to help educate some of these vulnerable children and give support to their disadvantaged families. The Solberg Children Help Organization was formally founded and funded entirely by the Solberg’s family and few friends privately.

Exploring other top K.C.P.E performers PDF Print E-mail
Success Stories

We asked five other top K.C.P.E performers about their study habits and their favourite sayings...


Scored: 378 Marks

Former School: Nyali Primary School, Mombasa County

Current School: Precious Blood Secondary School-Riruta


What is your favourite quote or saying?

Think like a champion and you will become legendary.


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