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Lets fight corruption

By reporting any forms of corruption we see around around. Corruption starts in schools. For example, a prefect can tell a fellow pupil that if she washes her clothes for her, she will never report her when she does anything wrong in school. We should also not engage in any kind of corruption ourselves. We should also exercise unity at all times.

-Sharon Kaimenyi, Class 8, Chogoria Girls Boarding Primary School, Meru County, Kenya.

Children can fight corruption by campaigning for good leaders. We can form groups where we report or talk about the crisis of corruption when we see any such cases. It is also important that we talk to our parents, teachers and other responsible adults who can pass our messages across to the relevant leaders.

-Samuel Njuguna, Class 7, Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School, Nyeri County, Kenya.

By using drama, music and dance showing the dangers of corruption and the solutions, children around the world can contribute in the fight against corruption. Also, if you are not sure whether something is right or wrong, it is best to ask a teacher or other trusted adult.

-Geoffrey Gitau, Class 6, St. Johns Mahiakalo Primary School, Kakamega County, Kenya.

Corruption is a beast eating almost everyone in Africa, even the leaders we look up to. Its important to remember that leadership comes from God. Fellow Africans, lets work together to change things for the better.

-Kakuba Alicia, P.7, Kampala Model School, Uganda.

Corrupt officials must be punished first. In Africa, people admire corrupt people because of their luxurious lifestyles and want to become like them. This gives the wrong impression. If such corrupt people are always left unpunished, many young people will also become corrupt.

-Ainebyoona Elizabeth, P.7, Child Africa Junior School-Kabale, Uganda.

Art by Angel Nagadya, P.6, KItante Primary School, Uganda.


First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 17 2016.