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Africa celebrates the Day of the African Child today June 16We asked BINGWA readers what they knew about the Day of the African child. Here are their words:-

What do you know about the Day of the African Child?

-Because of this day, I learnt about the rights of every child. Before children were given these rights, many of them suffered. Today, children can fight against all these abuses. The Day is a blessing for our voices to be heard. -Arinda Ashley, 10, Kabale Universal Primary School, Uganda.

  • Michael Teshame, Ethiopia-I have never heard of Day of the African Child. It would be great if I had the chance to celebrate this day so that I can show that African children are good at many things too.-Michael Teshome, Grade 5, Andinet International School, Ethiopia.
  • -It is the day that all African children come together to fight for their rights such as stopping FGM and early marriages.-MIlicent Sebatia, Class 7, Uasin Gishu Primary School, Kenya.Millicent Sebatia, Kenya
  • Haruna Hamis Tanzania-I don’t really know much about the day but I have heard my teacher mention it in class as a day when children are given an opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities.-Haruna Hamis, 9, Kombo Primary School, Tanzania.
  • -It is the day that you go and help people that cannot afford to go to school, especially those in the orphanages.
  • -Adna Adbihakim Mohamed, 13, Young Muslim Academy, Somaliland.

  • Adna Mohamed, Somaliland-This is the day that children dance, sing and express themselves. It is special for all children because that is the day we celebrate ourselves. As an African child, this day is all about me.-Shabani Ngaboniye, 10, Groupe Schalaire Gisozi, Rwanda.

-First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 12 2014