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Uganda's stories

By Arineitwe Mackay, Kabale Intergrated Primary School


Many communities in Uganda have their own stories to explain how they came to settle where they are today and other important things like what they eat and how they live. These stories are told from generation to generation are known as myths or legends.


Baganda’s Story of Origin

By Mutekanga Samuel, Kabale Integrated Primary  School

According to the Baganda, the first man to live on earth was Kintu. He lived alone with a cow who provided him with milk and dung. There was a powerful being (Ggulu) who lived in heaven and used to come down to earth and go back to heaven on a rainbow.

One day, Ggulu’s beautiful daughter Nambi came to earth and liked Kintu. Nambi wanted to marry Kintu, but Ggulu had to test him first. Nambi’s brothers came down and took Kintu’s only cow. He had nothing else to eat except roots and leaves as he did not know how to farm. Kintu was however wise and managed to pass the tests and eventually marry Nambi.Of myths and legends

But they did not follow one instruction, which was not to go back to heaven even if they forgot something. Nambi forgot millet for her chicken and went back inspite of the previous instructions given. This is how Walumbe (Death) was able to come back to earth with Nambi and why he still exists today.


-First published in issue 10 2013


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