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I buried them all

-Submitted by Kwesiga Emmanuel, Homecare Preparatory School, Kabale, Uganda.


There was once a farmer who witnessed a vehicle accident. In the bus that crushed into a tree at a high speed were Members of Parliament (MPs). A search team had already been sent by government officials who suspected that something had gone wrong when the MPs could not be reached.



When the farmer explained to the search team what had happened, the team leader asked him, “Did any of the MPs survive? Are some of them in hospital?”

The farmer replied, “I buried them all.” On further enquiry, the farmer explained, “Some of them were crying, telling me they were still alive, but you know politicians cannot be trusted. That is why I buried them all!”

Mr Politician by Kitya Peter of Kiwafu Primary School Uganda

First published in Issue 10 2013


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