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Words submitted by Asiimwe Isaac, Kabale Integrated School, Uganda.

This is my home, Uganda

The land for me

Where my heart is at rest


The land for all that is best

Here I am alive and free


This is my home, Uganda

With the mountains, valleys and hills

Deep dark forest where no one goes

Thick green swamps where River Nile flows

The Western lakes, strange and still

This is my home, Uganda

Full of the flight birds

The Crested Crane, the Eagle and the Dove

Spinning to the sky and above

Music of songs without words.


This is my home, Uganda

Full of the beasts that God made

The golden lion and the swift dear

The elephant grey and the dik-dik here

The Leopard lies comfortably in the shade


This is my home, Uganda

Where even little ones work hard

Here is the dark house I built with my hands

Here I was born, here I will die.

My home, Uganda-First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 10 2013

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