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Many children in Africa go through primary education without anything to read apart from their textbooks. Few children get a chance to read a newspaper or a magazine-the very instruments that shape and influence modern minds in the international sphere. BINGWA is an opportunity for them to enjoy reading materials written especially with them in mind.

BINGWA counters negative influences such as negative ethnicity, corruption and drugs and encourages positive characteristics such as high self-esteem, hygiene, and innovativeness; all the while ensuring that the publication is fun to read and gripping in content.

BINGWA is targeted at upper primary school students (Standard 5 to 8) that is, children aged 10-13. The underlying principle is to ignite young minds by presenting ideas that expand on their education, as well as open up new avenues of exploration.


•      Create and enhance a reading culture and encourage the development of independent and self-sufficient individuals with a deeply rooted love for learning. Most African children go through primary school without ever having read a newspaper or magazine

•      Expand the worldview of the children of Africa to make them attuned to the realities beyond their estates and villages, beyond their national and continental boundaries, to make them globally competitive.

•     Enhance self-confidence by demonstrating and encouraging confident demeanour and mindset.

•       Encourage innovation by challenging the children with interactive content that calls for them to get into a creative frame of mind, as well as by highlighting examples of those who excel, to show that they to can do it too.

•     Create a forum for addressing children about important issues such as conservation of the environment, fighting drug use and abuse, preserving good health, managing finances, and social etiquette.

•     Create national fora where children can voice their opinions on issues pertinent to their generation.

•       Entertain, amuse and delight the children, who after all have so much to be serious about that they sometimes need to be reminded how to be children.

BINGWA, being such an interactive magazine, encourages the participation of all parents and teachers. It is especially important that you (parents & teachers) be actively involved in BINGWA’s core aim which is to educate, inform and change perceptions.

Therefore, your feedback is very important. Is there something you think we could improve, change or are not comfortable with ? Do you think that perhaps there are elements we are not paying enough attention to? All suggestions, criticisms, and corrections are very welcome. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



HOTLINE: +254 719 619 006

OR EMAIL:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details