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fairiesAs one of the largest carnivals was kicking off in Nice, France, the LDD French School in Nairobi, Kenya was holding its version of the Carnival within its school compound.


We were greeted by the brilliant colours of the students-all dressed up in costumes. We then quickly followed them on an exciting procession across the school.  This was on February 13 2016, the same time the fifteen day long and night Nice Carnival was starting in France.more costumes

From superheroslike batman, superman to knights, witches, fairies, vampires, clowns, Red Indians, Maasais, name it. The children had actually made an effort to prepare their costumes and enjoy the few hours they had at their own Carnival.

A group of boys and a teacher from Magoso Primary School, Kibera, were also invited to provide even more entertainment and learning. 

magosoThey sang African songs accompanied by incredible dance moves and instruments; which the host school was not afraid to try out.

“I appreciated the fact that the students enjoyed African music even though they aren’t all Africans. This means that music is a universal language,” said the Magoso teacher at the event. He also liked the fact that all the teachers were helpful and participated in the event, not leaving all the work to one department.dancing

According to one teacher at the school, it was interesting to see how some of the students were able to express themselves differently in costume, dance, music and games at the Carnival. 

batman-and-pirateThis was the second such Carnival the school was holding. The first one last year was not open to parents but this one was.

“I loved the variety of costumes the children had and the way they interacted with the music, instruments and dance from Magoso Primary School,” said one parent.maasai outfit plus red devil







Now the Carnival is part of the schools programme and we look forward to an even better event next year.