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In the very first Issue of Bingwa Magazine, we ran a ‘Najivunia kuwa Mkenya’/ ‘Proud to be Kenyan’ competition where we asked Bingwa readers why they were proud to be Kenyan. Below is a photo and the winning entry by Ellin Kisongochi, then a student at Moi Primary School, Bungoma.

Bingwa-winner-Ellin-Kisongochi-1Winner 1: ELLIN N. KISONGOCHI


I'm not only proud to be Kenyan because I was born in Kenya but also in a developing country. I also appreciate the effort of the government because nowadays, most of us are able to go to school. This is because of free primary education by the government.

The main reason as to why I'm proud to be a Kenyan is because of the physical features available in our country and good leaders who serve as a good example, like Prof. Wangari Maathai, Njoki Ndung'u, Martha Karua and Nancy Barasa among others. The government is doing a great deal because of the money that it receives from tourists who come to see the physical features.

Wildlife is the main tourist attraction and we should maintain it, because it covers a large part of our country's revenue. We should not destroy forests because they are homes for wild animals. In order to maintain al these blessings that God has given unto us, we must unite and everyone must participate in conserving the environment. By so doing, these will not only be home for wild animals but will also lead to high food production because there will be adequate rainfall.

Life will become easier and more comfortable and we shall enjoy the fruits of our labour. Tourists will increase thus making the country to receive a lot of foreign money, which will add value to our nation. People who are suffering because of drought will not be left behind. A good example is our brothers in North Eastern part of the country. My theme is, 'WE STAND TOGETHER AS ONE TO BUILD OUR PECULIAR NATION.'



In Issue 2 (2010) of Bingwa Magazine, we ran a Handwashing Poster Competition in conjunction with SOPO-a Water & Sanitation Program campaign. The winning entry was then published in Issue 3 (2010) as a poster.

Incase you missed those two magazine editions, here is the poster and a picture of the competition winner Elvis Prestley Kasigane, then a student at Naivasha Boys Boarding School.


Winner 3: Nancy Kathuru Mateo

proud-to-be-kenyan-winners-group-photoPROUD TO BE KENYAN WINNER

In Issue 3, we ran a ‘Proud to be Kenyan’ competition where we asked BINGWA readers to write an original short essay (not more than 650 words) explaining what they loved about being Kenyan. The winning entry (below) was published in Issue 4. Nancy Kathuru Mateo of Yururu Girls Boarding School-Meru, Kenya won her and her entire class a trip to Sumaria Industries, Nairobi. Sumaria Industries are the manufacturers of AIM ball-point pens.


I am proud to be Kenya because of all the greatest things in my country. What I find interesting is that Kenya promotes the girl-child education and also fights against abuse of children’s rights. All these make me fully appreciated here.

The Kenyan government also encourages old people’s education. I am grateful for this because my grandmother can now read a magazine, send a birthday card and sing me ‘happy birthday’. I’m also happy because I can express my talent freely as children have a right to express themselves. The government has done a good job because of passing strict rules to poachers. My hobby is touring and this means that I will be able to see many animals even in future. I’m sure I’ll thoroughly enjoy this, the Maasai Mara especially.

Living conditions of sportsmen and sportswomen have also improved drastically, thanks to the Government. The good medical services offered by the Government are also saving people’s lives. Do you love your country as much as I do?

God bless Kenya!

Winner 4: Nidhi Ashwin Davadra

handwriting-competition-winnersHANDWRITING COMPETITION WINNER

In Issue 4, we ran a ‘Handwriting Competition’ where we asked BINGWA readers to write an essay of not more than 500 words telling us why they love their school. Winners were chosen based on their handwriting’s legibility, creativity, attractiveness as well as originality and good-grammar. The winner was Nidhi Ashwin Davadra of Arya Primary School-Mombasa, Kenya. Her winning entry (below) was published in Issue 5.


wildlife-quiz-competition-winnersWinner 5: Ann Kangai


In Issue 5, we ran a ‘Wildlife Quiz’ Competition. We asked BINGWA readers to answer six wildlife-related questions. The first correct entry had the greatest chance of winning the first prize. Ann Kangai of Chogoria Complex Primary School-Meru, Kenya won her and her class a trip to Meru National Park ran by the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Here’s the quiz and it’s answers:-
1. Match the animal to its young one:
Answers: Giraffe-Calf, Lion-Cub, Elephant-Calf/Infant.
2. Name two Rhinoceros species.
Answer:  Black & White Rhino.
3. Name Kenya’s largest National Park?
Answer: Tsavo National Park.
4. All zebras are alike (Answer True or False).
Answer: False
5. African elephants have sweat glands (Answer True or False).
Answer: False.

6. Name any 10 National Parks in Kenya.
Mt.Kenya National Park
Meru National Park.
Sibiloi National Park.
Maasai Mara National Park.
Hell’s Gate National Park.
Mt. Elgon National Park.
Tsavo East & West National Park
Aberdares National Park.
Amboseli National Park.
Longonot National Park.

Winner 6: Francis Onyino


In Issue 6, we ran a ‘Lessons from Professor Wangari Maathai’s life and times’ Competition. We asked BINGWA readers to use words and pictures to tell us what lessons they learnt from her. The winner of this competition was Francis Onyino of Migosi Primary School-Kisumu, Kenya. His winning entry (below) was published in Issue 7.

Winner 7: Christine Adeya


In Issue 7 and 8, we ran a 'Patriotism Competition' sponsored by the Brand Kenya Board. We asked BINGWA readers to demonstrate using words and pictures their understanding of patriotism. Christine Adeya of Muraka Primary School-Kakamega, Kenya was the overall winner. Her entry (below) was published in Issue 8.




Winner 8: Eileen Adhiambo


In Issue 9, we ran a 'BINGWA Malaria Challenge'. BINGWA readers were asked to use words and pictures to describe how one can get Malaria and to identify at least ten countries on a map of Africa highlighting Malaria endemic areas. The overall winner was Eileen Adhiambo of Kisumu Pentecostal Academy-Kisumu, Kenya. Published in Issue 10, Eileen got a trophy and a mountain bike for her winning entry (below).