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Moses first wheelchairMoses Murungi is a fourteen-year old in Senior Two at St. Augustine’s College. Born without limbs, his parents Kato and Kevina did not know how to handle the situation. The family became the talk of the village, with everyone coming up with different kind of stories, some even betting on curse myths and witchcraft. His parents worried about how he would survive in this world, how he was going to fit in the society and acquire a good education, considering that theirs was also a poor family.

Before Moses started going to school, his parents were already looking for help. It was during this time that Kato met someone who had heard of Child Africa’s Managing Director Julie Solberg. This person advised Kato to go and explain his plight to her. Kato did that.

When Julie Solberg heard Kato’s story, she got so touched that without a second thought, she took the family under her care. She then went on to talk to her family in Norway about Moses. Camilla Solberg decided to sponsor Moses while he was in already in nursery school. His welfare, school fees and scholastic material needs have since been catered for through Child Africa. It’s now an amazing eleven-year bond between Moses’ family and Child Africa. Moses has made Child Africa and his sponsors Camilla and Vigdis proud with his love for education, personality and will. He is not an ordinary boy. He is active and determined; an inspiration to many.Moses at school

He has given disability no chance to slow him down or even block his dreams. He wants to become a pilot when he grows up. He draws his aspiration from Jessica Cox who is the world’s first armless pilot. She, just like Moses, was born without arms but has excelled and achieved her dreams because she got quality education and kept her dreams alive thanks to her positive personality and zeal to excel.

His dream is being kept alive by Child Africa providing a stable and quality education. “Moses is an inspiration to fellow students and teachers,” the school administration says. He is active in school activities and refuses to give up.

Moses MurungiMoses always says that he hates it when fellow students pity him. He honestly believes that ‘Disability is not inability’. It’s through all this that Moses will achieve his dream of becoming a pilot.

Words by Levin Sentongo

First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 18 2016 (Anniversary Issue)