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Tanzania's Miriam ChirwaMiriam Thomas Chirwa is a visually-impaired award-winning Tanzanian Gospel Artist and African Child Ambassador. She even represented the children of Tanzania at  Day of the African Child celebrations in Ethiopia. Miriam is a class seven pupil at Uhuru Mchaganyiko Primary School in Tanzania and has been performing since 2002.

By Noella Oyugah

What do you love about performing gospel music?

I am able to express my gratitude to God who has given me my voice. My voice gives me the opportunity to serve God and I am happy when I do so.

How do you feel about your achievements at such a young age?

I feel privileged and special and I give all the glory to God.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Not everybody loves what I do, so sometimes I face criticism from people. I have learnt to accept this, and with support from my family, I never take any of it to heart. I also do not have musical instruments and this has been a great challenge to date because it is costly to hire them.

How do you juggle your passion with school-work?

I have learnt to balance my education with passion by strictly focusing on school from Monday to Friday and doing my music over the weekends.

How do you prepare for a performance?

My father, who is also my coach, trains me over the weekends. He writes songs for me and prepares me adequately by helping me get my vocals, confidence and performance right.

Do you have a mentor?

My father is my mentor, he supports, guides, protects and cares for me. I don’t know what I would do without his support.

What about a role model?

Ambwene Mwasongwe and Christina Shusho

What are your most memorable moments?

My father was on stage singing one of his songs and to his surprise, I went and joined him. He was surprised and overwhelmed to the point of crying. I have also had the opportunity of travelling to Ethiopia for the Day of the African Child celebrations.

Advice to BINGWA readers: Do not to give up on your dreams. The start of anything is often difficult but it becomes easier with time.

Important lessons learnt so far: All singers have something unique about them hence its important to learn from each other.

My future plans: To become a lawyer and an actress.

Words I live by: When you harvest in the sun, you will eat in the shade.

Favorite subjects in school: Civics, Science and English

Last words: I appeal to well-wishers to sponsor me with reading aids for the blind  (Braille).


Fisrt published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 13 2014