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TV star David LuwagaaK-Planet is NTV Uganda’s kids TV program. It is a fun show that caters to the spirit of the young and airs every Saturday morning. Bingwa Magazine spoke to David Luwagaa about his life and his thoughts on fighting corruption.


David Luwagaa is 12-years old and goes to Galaxy International School, Lubowa-Uganda.

Being a celebrity at such a young age feels…I don’t think of myself as a celebrity. I am simply popular and a public figure in my school but not a celebrity.

Who inspires you and why? My mum. She is the person who makes me want to wake up every day , go out and make my life different and better.

What I know about corruption…Corruption can mean stealing money. A person like that is greedy, a failure and is not patriotic in most cases. If you are corrupt, you do not love and do not follow the ten commandments of God, meaning you cannot make a difference.

How do you think corruption has affected Uganda? It hinders the development of our country. It also scares away investors as well as tarnishing our image as a country.

Do you know any forms of corruption? Corruption is not just about money; corruption can be in the mind as well, where you only think about stealing money. So it is physical, mental and verbal.

What are some of the ways we can fight it? Do you think it can be fought? To change corruption is quite difficult, I would however prefer if we had tracking systems in Uganda where there is tight security and people are responsible for the money allocated. Whereby if it is lost, you are directly responsible.

As a TV presenter, how do you think you can reach out to the children and adults watching about corruption? If a child stays with a corrupt person, in most cases they do not understand what is happening. If I had a chance to get the children together, I would explain to them what corruption really means and the dangers it causes to society.

Do you think that when children are educated about corruption at a young age they will be able to fight corruption? Yes. Everyone needs to change not just the young ones. The teachers at school need to make sure that children understand the disadvantages of corruption and know that they can stop corruption from developing now. If they understand it now, then they will practically grow up as people with integrity. If people love their country and the world then they should fight corruption.