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Outdoor Adventure GuideAre you passionate about sports and the outdoors? Are you patient and encouraging when instructing or guiding people? Are you dynamic and a great team-player with a passion for guiding people? How about considering a career as an outdoor adventure guide?

Eudiah Kamonjo talks to an Outdoor Adventure guide who is also a fiction writer for BINGWA Magazine.

What is Outdoor Adventure?

Outdoor Adventures are activities that take place outside the confines of buildings. These activities include bungy-jumping, sailing, white-water rafting, mountaineering, fishing and hunting, trekking, kayaking among others. An outdoor adventure guide directs, instructs and guides individuals and groups in these activities. Most of them work for tourism companies, resorts, parks, lodges, camp-sites or run their own businesses.

Want a career in Outdoor Adventure?

If you are passionate about sports and the outdoors, then this is your ideal career. You will also need to be able to work independently, be dynamic, flexible and a great team-player. Good communication skills (to clearly explain things in non-technical terms) will come in handy. Good listening skills and the ability to be patient and encouraging to the people you are instructing is crucial.


-Renowned mountaineer Kisoi Munyao who hoisted the independence flag on the peak of Mt.Kenya signaling the end of colonial rule.

-Founder of the Boy-Scout Movement, Lord Baden-Powell established non-formal education putting emphasis on outdoor activities in 1907.

-Founded in 1965 by legendary mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, the National Outdoor Leadership School in the U.S.A takes people of all ages on remote wilderness expeditions teaching them what cannot be learnt in a classroom or city streets.

-Mark Savage, founder of Savage Wilderness Safaris, which was established in 1990. giving people an opportunity to experience adventure sports in Kenya.


At LenanaChristine Nderitu obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Science from Kenyatta University (K.U) in 2010. Today, she is an outdoor adventure guide running her own recreation consulting company called Raha Kichakani Consulting. She also works with different outdoor adventure operators. Her work entails instructing on team-buildlng, mentoring, rock-climbing, mountain-guiding among other adventure sports.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Recreation & Sports Management at Kenyatta University. Christine went to Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School, Chinga Girls High School and Mahiga Girls Secondary School. It was during her high school days that she represented Kenya in Canada and Japan for winning environmental essay-writing competitions through UNICEF, Ministry of Water & Sanitation and CiDRi projects.

She has been writing since her primary school days but this passion only fully developed later. Today, she writes fiction stories for BINGWA Magazine. “To be a good writer, you need to have soul, passion, planning skills, be in touch with reality and know your audience,” she advises.

Her love for the outdoors was influenced by her adventurous spirit as well as studying Outdoor Education as a subject during her last semester at K.U. While undertaking her Sports Science studies, she learnt basic life-support skills, which come in handy when white-water rafting. Christine believes that learning never stops.

Some of the organizations she has worked for include Pink Horizons, NEO Marketing, Sports Stadia Management, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and Savage Wilderness.rock climbing

To be an Outdoor Adventure Guide, you need to be open-minded, have an adventurous spirit and be willing to learn new things. “It is the most dynamic field ever. You’ve got to be creative because things can go wrong and you will have to improvise,” she adds.

Another aspect she loves about outdoor adventure is that it’s so dynamic. “Everyday is never the same and the job pushes my limits and keeps me fit,” she says.

So how does she juggle guiding and writing? “As a guide, you are not working the entire time. When an idea strikes me, I write it down and then build on it slowly in my free time. If you look at the ‘Fierce Falcon’ (Pg. 12-13 Issue 6), you’ll see how some of my work inspires me, “ she explains.

She plans to learn all she can about outdoor adventure. She is working towards getting a PHD (so she can officially be a doctor of fun!), popularizing adventure therapy along other positive forms of recreation through her company, working in different countries and lecturing. She also wants to produce poetry collections, fiction for children and non-fiction for adults.

Christine is also the opening act of the ‘Niko na Safaricom’ advert atop Mt. Kenya. “What I loved about doing the advert was meeting the international directors. I also recall getting caught in a snowstorm. It was so cold, I couldn’t wiggle my fingers. I was wearing a dress and helicopters were all over,” she recalls.

Some of the people she admires are her mother; a very strong, loving and independent woman and Muthoni  Muriithi- the first Kenyan woman to reach Batian peak (Mt. Kenya).

Her favourite quotes are ‘Man must live’ and ‘Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.’

Her advise to BINGWA readers is ‘Have dreams and stick by them; do not be swayed by people. Keep trying and don’t give up. It’s good to have a talent but couple it with an education.’

First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 6