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behind bingwa

Andrew Carnegie once said that teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Here at BINGWA, we believe in the incredible power of teamwork and have a number of people working with us. Some of them are:

Rino Solberg photo RINO SOLBERG (Chairman)

" I am a successful trainer/speaker, business consultant and an international entrepreneur who has built businesses in many countries. I am also an author of nine books in the areas of personal development and human relations, my recent book being ‘Put Integrity First’. My main interest is to ‘help people help themselves’, which is also the main purpose of the child-charity organization, Child Africa. My wife Julie and I live and work in Uganda and Norway. I am also the chairman of the Better Globe Group whose goal is to eradicate poverty through planting trees in Africa, giving poor farmers ‘microcredit’ for self-sustainability and helping poor children get an education through Child Africa.
My hobby is to motivate people to their fullest potential."

julie-solbergJULIE SOLBERG (Managing Director)

" I am a successful business woman living and working in Uganda and Norway. I have managed different companies both in Norway and Africa over the years. Today, I am the Founder & Managing Director of Child Africa in Kenya and Uganda. Child Africa sponsors the free distribution of BINGWA Magazine to schools.

Since I was a little girl of age 7, my dream was to help disadvantaged children, what I didn’t realize was that I had set a goal, even though at that time I did not think much of how I would achieve it. I worked hard in school and was very competitive both academically and in sports, but most of all I loved reading and writing, I would read novels as well as other literature. Because I was such a good story-teller, my siblings would buy me novels to read. Later, they would sit around my bed wanting me toread them the entire story. This I would do in such detail that they would feel they were part story. Later on in my adult life, I realized how important it was to be able to read, write and express oneself well. I was so happy that my hobby had become an asset.

It was during my frequent trips to Africa that my childhood dream was revived. I felt a burning desire to help the children of Africa. My vision became reality in 1991 when my husband Rino and I founded and registered Child Africa a non-profit organization. In Child Africa, I perform the work that touches my heart the most - giving unfortunate children the key to a brighter future through education.

My simple message to you: Make reading and writing your hobby, once you master them well, you will be strong, powerful and confident."


CLAUDIAH GACHIMBI(Partnerships Coordinator)

Since I was a very young girl, I loved making sure everyone around me was happy. It was for this reason that I studied and first worked in the hospitality industry. However, I only truly realized this passion to the fullest when I began distributing and promoting BINGWA Magazine.

I have learnt a lot about education and the learning environment in various schools. All these inspire and motivate me to continuously ensure the success of BINGWA Magazine. My two favorite activities are travelling and reading.


JOSEPH BARASA (Cartoonist-Mechi Kali & Janet)

I am a self taught illustrator and designer based in Nairobi. I graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology in 2005 with an engineering degree, and worked as a product designer for a while before I decided to do what comes more naturally to me: art and design.

I started off in 2006 by doing free illustrations for a friend’s website. A little while later, I got an opportunity to do a children’s cartoon page for DRUM magazine. Since then, I have been able to work with various individuals and organizations, drawing illustrations, comics, and doing lay out design. I do all my artwork digitally, from sketches to finished drawings, using a drawing tablet and graphics software.

I love story telling, and especially through comics because they combine art and story telling. It is my hope that the comic book industry in Kenya will grow even bigger, and that more people will realize the power of comics to inform, educate and entertain.

jeff-mundiaJEFF MUNDIA (Contributing Writer -Adventure)

I am a student of Architecture at the University of Nairobi, I love architecture because it gives one the opportunity to shape the environment around us using creative and practical solutions. After finishing my studies, I would like to become a green architect- an architect who designs environmentally friendly buildings. It is my dream to eventually set up an architectural firm in Nairobi.

My hobbies include reading, writing, photography, travelling, listening to music and watching/playing football. My favourite club is Manchester United, the greatest football team on earth.


christine-wambuiCHRISTINE WAMBUI (Contributing Writer-Fiction)

I was raised by a brilliant single mother, Margaret Wanjira Nderitu, Bed. (Hons) Special Education and Music. At sixteen, I represented Kenya at the World Youth Parliament for Water in Quebec, Canada. At seventeen, I represented Kenya at the Children’s World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan. In 2004, I was awarded first prize in a nationwide essay competition. I have worked in (and with) organizations such as UNICEF, CiDRi, Pink Horizon, NEO Marketing, SSMB, and Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs. In 2010, I graduated from Kenyatta University with Bsc. (Hons) Sports Science after which i worked at Savage Wilderness Safaris.Today, I run my own recreation consulting company called Raha Kichakani Consulting.i am also pursuing my Masters in Recreation & Sports Management at Kenyatta University

I enjoy reading and writing fiction and fact in prose or poetry; dancing to most music especially house music, adventure sports and tourism. I am the first person you see on the ‘Niko Na Safaricom’ advert atop Mt. Kenya. Love is my religion.


festus-mateso-kaluluFESTUS MATESO KALULU (Cartoonist-Sarah & Chet)

I am an avid editorial, feature and comic strip cartoonist whose works have been published in national newspapers over the last six years. I studied graphics design and communication studies at the Kenya Polytechnic University College. Born in a family of five, I am the first-born in my family, a reason why my friends say that I am so responsible, neat and organized. It’s a virtue carried by all first borns! I am a graphics designer by profession, a cartoonist by calling, and a journalist who writes on arts, theatre and entertainment.

My hobbies include drawing cartoons, computer-aided design, socializing, relaxation, listening to inspirational music, travelling, admiring works of nature where I grab design and cartoon concepts.

My future aspirations are to own my own company (if not a fleet of them) and have a happy wife and two kids to live this life with.