Rino Solberg
“Bingwa,” which is the Swahili word for “champion,” started in the 2009 as general-purpose children’s magazine, distributed free of charge to school libraries in Uganda and Kenya. In 2014, the magazine shifted its approach to focus primarily on fighting corruption and promoting environmental consciousness, by building integrity in the children of Africa. In 2018, Child Africa tasked Herald Publishers to further the objectives of the campaign. To date, under the stewardship of Herald Media the initiative has grown into a movement. The Bingwa Movement’s objective is to groom integrity champions through a child-friendly magazine, television shows, story books, games and merchandise. The Movement is present in primary schools through Bingwa Clubs, whose membership is open to all pupils, from primary four to primary seven. Just like the Boys Scouts Movement, the Bingwa Movement is a crusade of gallant activists with a constitution, creed, anthem, uniform and themandate to recruit “ambassadors,” who are the adults.
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To teach children distinct moral principles and values that will help them become champions of integrity by developing their ethical muscles
Julie Solberg
The Child Africa Lioness
Julie Solberg is a business woman as well as in the fulfillment of her dreams. Her vision became reality in 1991 when she and her husband Rino Solberg founded "Solberg Children's Help Organization", now renamed Child Africa and registered as a non-profit organization. In Child Africa Julie can perform the work that touches her heart the most - giving unfortunate children the key to a brighter future through education.
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Once the children become present to these values and strengthen their ethical muscles adequately through regular practice over a period of four academic years, they will not only become strong in their values but will disseminate them in their real life.