JUNE 2016-Adapting to change

The academic year was coming to an end and Karen was preparing to move on to class six. She was quite anxious as she had been told that the lessons were going to be more difficult and that her new teacher Mr. Simiyu was a strict man. In another town, Peter had just moved into a new neighbourhood and was now going to a new school. He was feeling depressed since he had left his old school and friends behind. His situation was made worse by the fact that he had been separated from his father.

Peter knew that the relationship between his parents was not so good, but he did not expect the change to be so drastic. He was away from all that was familiar to him and he was finding it difficult to cope.

All of us go through changes; it is an unavoidable part of our daily life. Some changes are positive, like finishing school. Others are negative, like having a disabling accident. Change causes some form of stress or anxiety, disrupts our routine and at times forces us to also change our way of thinking.

The following tips should help reduce your anxiety and easily adapt to change;-

  • Be positive; concentrate on the good things, be open and flexible and keep your sense of humour.
  • Always reflect on what could be the worst scenario, this helps one realize that things aren’t so bad.
  • Take control and choose how to react to a change.
  • Take one step at a time.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Talk about your feelings to a person you trust and who would be understanding.

NOTE: Change is good, it helps one grow and increases one’s quality of life.

Words by Warucu Kijuu

Art by Movin Were.

First published in BINGWA Magazine Issue 17 2016.

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